Patients Testimonials

Priti was thorough, professional, but also very pleasant and patient The internet booking and video (The Jane program) worked very well. I have learned a lot and I look forward to my next appointment.

Dr. Galia

Priti Jadiya is an excellent physiotherapist who specializes in Vestibular issues. Her knowledge is extensive and her attitude is kind. I have confidence that the treatment and exercise which she has prescribed will eventually decrease my episodes of dizziness.


Priti helped change my life! For over 40 years I've struggled with balance issues. I have seen doctors, specialists, chiropractors, and various therapists. I would get some relief but they could never understand my problem. Then I was in a motor vehicle accident where I was hit from behind and suffered further damage to my neck and Vestibular. I was so fortunate to find Priti. With her knowledge and skills she has been able to get to the root of my issues. And the relief I have now has been like a miracle. And she has taught me so much on maintaining this path. I am deeply grateful.


Priti has been instrumental in my road to recovery; she is knowledgeable, kind, and attentive. I have seen Priti via online appointments and she was able to assess me thoroughly and implement a treatment plan tailored to my needs. She has supported me through a concussion and my progress has been consistent whether I see her online or in person. I would recommend Priti in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for the best possible outcome in reclaiming their lives.


The most helpful and informative health professional I've consulted about my condition


I have had a balance problem for some time, involving foot neuropathy and a sluggish balance organ in my ears. Priti was able to diagnose the problem on our first meeting and prescribed a number of exercises for it. She is kind, patient, thorough, and very perceptive. Over the following weeks we met about once a week and she wasflexible when I had to change appointment times. Priti is easy to talk to and alleviated my fears of falling. Within 3 weeks I began to experience noticeable improvement.I am no longer afraid, I balance better, and I have fewer episodes of vertigo. My responses on the 2 questionnaires Priti sent me reflect improvement I didn't believe I could make.My balance rehab was conducted over telehealth. It was easy to use and Priti was able to explain and demonstrate what I had to do at home.This is much easier than having to travel, park, and travel again after the session, especially when the weather was bad. I strongly recommend working with Priti andusing the telehealth option. Thank you, Priti!

Dr. Artzy